Wow! Ten Utility Boxes Turned into Art
Seven to Go

Ramona Murals

You’ve probably noticed the transformation of utility boxes into mini-murals throughout Ramona lining Main Street as part of the Ramona H.E.A.R.T. Murals Project with a grant from the Ramona Community Foundation and donation from Ransom Brothers Lumber & Supply Company.

Managed by Lauren Chiara, one of the artists herself, ten of the seventeen scheduled utility boxes have been completed. The remaining seven are underway and are expected to be complete by the end of September.

The most recently painted utility boxes were: Marie Bravo’s pastoral scene at the corner of 14th and Main (facing 14th near Dunkin’ Donuts); Lourans Mikhail’s two boxes near 4th and Main; Jerry Meloche’s cowboys and cowgirls showing off on their bucking horses with lassos and cowboy hats at Starbuck’s; and Johnathan Martinez’s two mini-murals outside the Women’s Club at 524 Main St.

In addition to these newest mini-murals, the first was painted by artist Lauren Chiara along with student artist Isobel Maehler, a 13 year old from Ramona middle school, at the NW corner of Montecito & Main.  The second was painted by artist Casey Buonaugurio who turned the utility box outside the library (on 13th Street) into a bookcase full of books. Artist Isabelle Dorroh along with student artist Isobel Maehler transformed the utility box into art at 410 Main St. (4th and Main – across from the previous Sizzler). And next to the Subway restaurant facing Day Street you’ll be greeted with flowers, butterflies, and humming birds by a mini-mural painted by Danni Pearson.

The following artists are busy painting the remaining seven utility boxes:  Molly Begent, Danni Pearson (her second), Charlene Pulsonetti, Janice Reich, Karen Riedler, Lori Sutherland, and Helen Wilson.

September 13th, 2018|