What it Takes to Produce our Murals

Ramona Murals

Do you know what goes into producing a mural for the walls of our buildings here in Ramona? Your H.E.A.R.T. Murals board makes it happen by driving and funding the following process:

  • Board reviews potential building sites
  • Building owner and Board agree to devote a wall to a mural
  • Fundraisers and grant applications held/submitted throughout the year
  • Board publishes an Artists’ Call in local papers and to an email list of Muralists, requesting a bid with a resume of qualifications
  • Board chooses an artist and contracts for a “thumbnail” from the selected artists, which is an artist’s concept in concert with the H.E.ART Board’s guidelines and might be a building-specific topic
  • Board agrees on final concept working with the Building Owner
  • Board selects and provides contract with artist
  • Board sends concept for approval to the Ramona Design Review Board
  • Upon approval, artist paints mural and hides “hearts” for viewers to discover
  • Artist attaches mural to wall (usually a mural is painted on DieBond panels)
  • Board, artist, and building owner hold a dedication ceremony where attendees receive a picture of the mural autographed by the artist
  • Board owns and maintains the mural in perpetuity



January 24th, 2018|