Mural #21

Pioneer Cabin

The Pioneer Cabin

Rik Erickson

At the Pott Belly Shop, 885 Main Street, Ramona, CA



Visible from Main Street on the front of the building, “The Pioneer Cabin” mural depicts an 1800s cabin interior scene. The two female figures represent a young girl singing for the sitting cowboy character with her mother directing her to the right. To the far right a bird has landed on the windowsill observing them. Above them on the wall is a Native American bull skull decorated with turquoise and hawk feathers. This iconic natural sculpture symbolizes strength and courage within many tribes.

Artist Rik Erickson is a licensed, professional mural artist and painter who has been painting custom, high-quality wall murals for clients for more than 25 years. He is the artist who painted Ramona’s “Old Firehouse” mural at 222 9th Street; the “Verlaque Pioneer Store” mural at 629 Main St. at Reds, Whites & Brews next to the Guy B. Woodward Museum; and the “Hiking Mount Woodson” mural at Ramona Fitness Center, 558 Main Street. His murals can be seen in restaurants, businesses, hospitals, Marine and Coast Guard walls, as well as many private residences throughout San Diego. For more on Rik Erickson’s murals visit:

Look for the H.E.A.R.T. icons in this mural (there are 5)!