The Mini-Murals

In February 2018, the Ramona H.E.A.R.T. Murals Project initiated, sponsored and managed the painting by local artists of 17 SDG&E utility boxes located on or near Main Street in Ramona, Calif., completing the project in September of that year. The Ramona Community Foundation provided funds to enable a modest honorarium to the artists. In addition, Ransom Brothers Lumber & Supply Company donated the paint and wire brushes to clean and paint the boxes.

A goal of the Utility Box Project was to involve local artists who provided their fine-art talents to the smaller canvas of the utility boxes. A total of 14 artists and a half dozen student artists painted 17 utility boxes throughout the town. They submitted a sketch rendering of their concept for the box(es) approved by the H.E.A.R.T. Committee and the Ramona Design Review Board.

Concepts incorporated the community aspects represented in the H.E.A.R.T.:

  • H = Historic buildings and hiking trails
  • E = Equestrian industry
  • A = Arts, antiques, and agriculture
  • R = Rural country vistas and drives
  • T = Tasting fine wines and cuisine

Artist Lauren Chiara and student artist Isobel Maehler completed the first of 17 painted utility boxes at the NW corner of Montecito & Main.

Artist Casey Buonaugurio turned the utility box outside the library (on 13th Street) into a book case full of books.

Artist Isabelle Dorroh along with student artist Isobel Maehler transformed the utility box into art at 410 Main St. (4th and Main – across from the Ramona Valley Inn).

Next to the Subway restaurant facing Day Street you’ll be greeted with flowers, butterflies, and humming birds by a mini-mural painted by Danni Pearson.

While driving through the parking lot at Starbuck’s facing 13th St., don’t miss Jerry Meloche’s cowboys and cowgirls showing off on their bucking horses with lassos and cowboy hats—except for one who seems to have left his saddle for the ground. Jerry is known for his editorial cartoons and his landscapes and portraits. Ramona High School students Janée Doomey and Mia Garnica assisted Jerry.

You can’t miss artist Johnathan Martinez’s two painted utility boxes outside the Women’s Club at 524 Main St. In typical Martinez style, the colors are bright and the images vivid. Johnathan, a friend of the Ramona H.E.A.R.T. Mural Project, has participated in the Ramona Art and Wine Festival as an artist and as a wine-barrel artist.

Artist Lourans Mikhail, a Marine veteran currently attending the San Diego Art institute, painted two utility boxes near 4th and Main across the street from the Ramona Valley Inn. He is a Ramona local artist, graphic artist guild member, and a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

Artist Marie Bravo, an art student at San Diego State University and a Ramona resident, brightened the corner at 14th and Main, facing 14th next to Dunkin’ Donuts with a pastoral mini-mural.

Charlene Pulsonetti’s mini-mural near the Union Bank at 1512 Main Street, is, according to the artist, reminiscent of most of her work. The woman riding the horse represents independence, self-confidence and a connection with nature. In addition to painting utility boxes, Charlene creates original watercolor and acrylic paintings inspired by the American Southwest.

Karen Riedler’s birds cover her min-mural, near the Union Bank at 1512 Main Street, from a winking owl to a scowling hawk, all local birds to Ramona! Karen is a designer, artist, illustrator, and avid volunteer. She has a BA in Electronic Art from CSU Chico. She uses her creative skills in all facets of her life, from her varied career experience in apparel and graphic design, to making art for her family. She has also written and illustrated two children’s books and has a third she illustrated to be released very soon. She does commissions and is always willing to hear about possible projects! Check out her website at:

Lori Sutherland’s bright yellow mini-mural features large lavender flowers with checkered borders on her mini-mural near the Union Bank at 1512 Main Street. Student artist Julianne Simonson, an 8th grader at Olive Pierce, assisted Lori. Lori is a local award-winning artist who shows her work in the 2Create Gallery in Ramona. She has also been a participant in the Ramona Open Studio Tour for several years. Known for her detailed and colorful colored pencil art, she also creates unique acrylic paintings, embellished with semi-precious stones, glass, and metal.  You can see more of Lori’s art at

Not far from the Union Bank on Main Street next to Verizon at 1530 Main St. is a scene by Molly Jaeger-Begent. Molly, a contemporary acrylic artists who lives in Ramona, has been painting for many years. She attended the Art Students League of NYC. She is the owner of the 2Create Gallery at 438 Main Street, Ramona, CA.

Danni Pearson’s large sunflowers can be viewed at the corner of Main and 14th Streets. This is Danni’s second mini-mural utility box. The first is next to the Subway restaurant facing Day Street. Danni says she is passionate about her art. Whether faces, canvases, wood, or rocks, she’ll find a way to decorate them. She is a self-taught pyrographer (wood burner), creating works on everything from wooden spoons to cutting boards. She volunteers her time and painting skills to various community events, including painting faces at her children’s school and beautifying utility boxes.

Helen Wilson’s mini-mural is the second at the Starbuck’s drive-through. Her painting is to represent how, “Our Town of Ramona was created by a multiplicity of people, each with their own belief of how we came to be human.” Hannah  Schwantner, who lives in Ramona, is a student of the Arts at Palomar College who assisted Helen. Helen is an internationally exhibited artist and currently the Director of The Art Center of Ramona, and a Palomar College Art Instructor. She is interested in identity and the genetic and social forces that form us. Website:

At the corner of 7th and Main, Janice Reich’s animal characters surround her mini-mural. When she’s not painting utility boxes, Janice’s artwork includes original watercolors, animal & pet art as well as photography of Ramona Valley vineyards and wineries, as well as vineyards and wineries in Tuscany.