Mural #23

Ramona Body and Fender Shop

Ramona Body and Fender Shop

Daniel Hernandez

Next to: Fix Auto Central Ramona, 543 Main St., Ramona

March 2020

Daniel Hernandez grew up in Ramona and his father worked at Ramona Auto Body in the 1980s. He has more than ten years of experience creating indoor and outdoor murals throughout San Diego County, and is the Artist-in-Residence at the Escondido Arts Partnership.

His goal in painting this mural was to “Evoke the rich history of the community as well as create a dynamic visual narrative that points to its unlimited future.” He based the mural on an old photograph of the business believed to be taken in the 1940s based upon the vintage of the cars in it and the sign’s advertisement: “Let the two boys do it, The SAILOR and the MARINE.” Daniel is an Artist, Sign Painter and Musician. His website is:

Look for the 7 hidden H.E.A.R.T. icons in this mural.